2014 Travel Destinations

For 2014, we already have a list of places to travel to both abroad and close to home. While it is truly amazing that we will be travelling to Europe this Fall, we also love to see new places that are closer to home. Last year we took on two of the major cities in our region: Chicago, IL and Minneapolis, MN, so this year we thought we would take a few day trips within driving distance of home.

Bristol Jouster

Bristol Jouster

Bristol Renaissance Faire

We both have a strong curiosity to check out our local Ren Faire, which is in Kenosha, WI. Located about 2 hours from Madison, the Bristol Renaissance Faire should be a great way to spend a sunny summer day! Turkey Legs, Jousting and 200 Medieval vendors await visitors on the Faire’s grounds. Set in 1574 England, Marcus and I hope to get in the spirit and maybe even wear some costumes if I have time to make them! It’s one of the destinations I’m looking forward to the most this summer.

Anderson Japanese Gardens

I purchased a Groupon last year for the Anderson Japanese Gardens, but we were unfortunately unable to use it. We still have the paid value so we will make it a point to head down to Rockford, IL this year. In Madison we have Olbrich Botanical Gardens, which is where we were married. Olbrich continues to be a spot we stop at while at home, but we also love to see other gardens. Anderson Japanese Gardens really fits the bill for us given our love of gardens, and our love for all things Japanese! Since Japan is a bit farther down the list on our travel plans, we would love to step into the magic a little closer to home.

Devil’s Lake2013-06-16 14.50.11

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful area of the country up here in South Central Wisconsin. About a 45 minute drive North of Madison is Devil’s Lake. Formed as the glaciers retreated, Devil’s lake offers visitors camping, miles of hiking trails, and some of the most stunning views the area has to offer. We especially love hiking to the top of the bluffs and picnicking on cliffs. We have decided to add this destination to our list as we hope to spend more time at the lake this year, hiking and swimming.


I saved the best, and farthest from home, for last! We will be taking off for two weeks at the end of September for a backpacking trip through Italy. Our stops will include Rome, Florence and Venice with the possibility of Naples and Pisa. Italy will be our first out of the country trip, and also our longest. We look forward to exploring so many amazing places and adding locations to our list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Italy is going to be an amazing two weeks and will be the start of our many travels abroad. Check out our trip planning progress as it happens and keep in touch with us, right here at Tripping On Cobblestones!


We are always looking for places to check out close to home, and abroad! Is there somewhere you would recommend for us to put on our itinerary? We would love to hear your suggestions!

Photo Credit: Rick Cooper

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