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2014-10-05 13.58.33Marcus and Diana Meier


We met at a high school job, and we weren’t supposed to last. Fourteen years later, here we are, lasting and loving life. We’ve made a few life choices early on that will impact us forever. Good jobs, stability and no children put us in a separate group as a lot of our peers. It’s an interesting time to be in our category: The Dinks. Double income…no kids. We’ve made a conscious decision to stay this course and maybe share it with others. There are blogs for moms, stay at home moms, bakers, exercise fanatics and world travelers. Well, neither of us are so good at something that we can really devote a whole blog to it but we are figuring out life in the 21st century with a title of our own. Being a DINK has it’s own interesting quirks, problems, and excitement. Sure we are missing out on kids birthdays and the milestones that happen with a family, but we are making our own memories on our own terms. So there it is: we’re going to write about the life we live and share it with anyone interested enough to read.

We both love to cook ,travel, and experiment with a wide array of hobbies. Diana bakes, crafts and generally does the creative. Marcus is into Tech, Martial Arts and cooking. If there’s a weird interest, we’ve most likely come across it at some point. We’re ready to see where the world takes us, one strange encounter after another.

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