An Early Morning Palm Reading


My hands sat clasping the I (heart) NY mug, taking in the heat of fresh brewed coffee. The palms loosely grasping the hot cup have been feeling tingly lately, perhaps searching for a task or a purpose. Soft pink skin with deep inset lines, they have been restless. I took my left hand from the cup and pondered it, scanning the lines moving in wide arcs. Next, the right palm, with it’s heavy curved pathways carving their way through my flesh. I’m not a superstitious person, nor do I believe in destiny, but curiosity and boredom prompted me to take my coffee upstairs and plop myself into my office chair. Google, tell me the secrets.

So here it is, in all my amateur glory, without anything mystifying or magical, my palm reading.

My heart line says I’m selfish, and have a penchant for freely expressing my emotions. Apparently I also have some emotional trauma.

The heart line give me creativity, adventure and enthusiasm for life. It also eludes to some momentous decisions in my life.

My life line says I have vitality and a lot of energy. I have strength and enthusiasm and have kept a static lifestyle.

The fate line tells me something interesting. It is broken which may point to changes in my life from external forces. Beyond that, my fate has no other helpful insights.

The shape of my hand points to me as an Earth, having square palms and fingers. Having solid values, stubbornness, responsibility and a desire to work with my hands are traits an Earth may possess.

My fingers tell me that I am creative, a good secret keeper and impatient. Seems a little odd there, as I am definitely not a good secret keeper.

Lastly, the fleshy mounts below my first finger knuckles tell me I have a predisposition for hedonism(!), I am self-centered and disorganized, quick tempered, prideful and I talk too much.

I did my self reading on my right hand, which is said to be what you were given in life, while the left hand is what you have accomplished on your own in life. Curious, I went back through and found I am still emotional, creative and have lots of energy. My fate line is much different though, telling me I may have a lot of life changes and disruptions. Now whether those are good or bad..who knows. I have also learned that I am supposed to have one child. Hm.

Some of these bits of my palm reading do fit me quite well. I am definitely an Earth, and that creativity is one of my strongest attributes. I do have a passion for adventure and I’m incredibly impatient. Did I learn anything profound from my time spent? Not really, but I would actually be interested to see what someone who professionally reads palms would tell me. I’m always curious how much is BS and how much they are just gathering off your immediate demeanor or attitude when they meet you to take your money. Maybe some day, for fun, I’ll have a reading. Perhaps a patchouli scented fortune teller will let me know that I’m going to own a boat and sail the world looking for nudist camps to practice my hedonistic predispositions. Or maybe I’ll becomes a great secret keeper who rides a nomadic tide of discovery. Whatever happens, I hope it’s fun.

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