An update on Italy!

339100247_73fee9377b_bIt’s been quite awhile since I last posted! Hard to post about travelling though when you aren’t really doing much of it at the current moment. I have been putting more of the final planning stages together for our Italy trip and things will hopefully fall into place once our trip begins.

Last month I booked all of our hostels, which was an undertaking. Being as anal retentive as I am, I spent several days wading through listings on looking for the best fit for Marcus and I. Most of the places we will be staying had double rooms available and some even with their own ensuite bathroom, which is pretty nice. We wanted to hostel to save money, and from what I’ve gathered about the hotel room prices in Italy, we saved a ton. Our entire trip, 13 nights, is costing me less than $800! Our most expensive nights will be in Milan and Venice, though we aren’t staying very long in either city.

I am excited yet anxious to see how my lodging choices pan out. This will be a first for us, but hopefully all ends well and we don’t have any major hangups.

Next on the list of things to tackle for Italy is the train tickets and some attraction/tour tickets. I’ve spent some time getting a list of tours together that I want to see, so now it’s just choosing the level of tour and price, and that should be good to go!

Train tickets are the other priority, but I am still hesitant to book them as I don’t know how necessary it really is to do. I haven’t gotten a straight answer from anyone I know, as most people haven’t really used the train system to any extent. We’ll see how that goes…

As of today we have 16 weeks until departure. Seems so far away but I’m sure it will be here in no time! With this being my, and our, first trip outside the country while not on a cruise ship, it’s scary and very exciting all at the same time. I don’t know what to expect but I also don’t want to expect too much or too little. Hopefully this is a great learning experience for us both on culture and worldly-ness, but also on how to travel and function without the tourist-friendly system of pre-packaged tour groups.

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