Ella’s Adventures



Ella is our pink-haired Miniature Poodle, who would much rather join us on our adventures than stay home. She loves excitement. Chasing birds, rolling in dirt, and catching the smells drifting on the wind are some of her favorite things. When we adopted Ella, she was a sad sight, and we were looking for some companionship. We treat this dog like she is our child; she eats better than most people we know, has more toys than she can possibly play with, has several dog-sitters on speed dial, and she shares in many of our adventures and life milestones.

We want to travel more with her, and we know there are other people who would love to do the same with their companion. One thing we have learned thus far: it can be hard and frustrating to bring along your dog, but we want to help you! Pet-related travel advice and musings will be featured here, on Ella’s own page. We hope her experiences and journeys help other pet owners who want to share the world with their own dog. After all, seeing the world from a four-legged perspective can be quite beautiful.

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