I Am…

“I am the accumulation of the dreams of generations.”

I heard this lyric from a Jewel song on the radio today. It’s a rather obvious concept but also incredibly profound.¬†Song lyricists have an amazing ability to whittle down a complex thought into something so concise and to the point. I have been sitting here for awhile now pondering it. I’ve gone through a range of emotions in doing so: curiosity, sadness, gratefulness.

Perhaps the most scary feeling is how unsure I feel thinking about it. But then again, I can’t help but wonder, am I living up to their expectations?

Decades and even centuries ago my ancestors made choices that today even have an impact. They may have chosen to marry a specific person or move to a new town, or even set sail to a new land and be pioneers. They built homes and read books and made friends. Each tiny choice they made shaped their lives. In turn their course as affected my own.

Chance meetings and choices can steer our lives significantly. Had I not gone to watch  Harry Potter 14 years ago, I may never have gotten a job at the theater and hence force set into motion the relationship that Marcus and I have built today.

Beyond the courses of our lives, I wonder if my own life would be looked upon happily by my grandparents and their grandparents. Would they be happy to know that the choices and sacrifices they made so very long ago enabled me to get to where I am today? Would they be proud of me and my accomplishments? What would their words of wisdom be?

I’m sure everyone hopes that they are doing the family proud and are in turn making choices today that will impact the lives of our own grandchildren and their grandchildren. I know I hope that someday the reward of my efforts here to make life easier and more blissful are felt by those in my lineage.

Such a curious thought tangent but also a very eye opening one. I will never know if they are proud of me so the best I can do is live a life I think would warm their hearts and smooth their souls.

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