My Fiscal Fast- Week 1 & 2

It’s been over two weeks since deciding to start my fiscal fast. Truthfully, the first week was a breeze because I hadn’t really been out shopping. Turns out that shopping from a strict list and not spending an hour wandering around the store can save you some decent money.┬áThe first week went swimmingly, only purchased 3 things I didn’t NEED- earring backs, sheets for the yoga room and a thermos for the hubs.

The second week…while not awful, was heavier in purchases. I blame the holiday weekend and my boredom. We took a trip to Menards Friday and got some lights and two trees for the front deck, plus some weird odds and ends for decorating. Also picked up some stuff to work on the niche in the front foyer. Beyond that it was mostly internet shopping. Amazon can be overwhelming when you’re bored. So I picked up a few things like a sports bra, a round cake carrier (I actually did need this) and several Christmas gifts. A trip to Homegoods produced a tree skirt (didn’t have one) a jacket for the dog and a gift. Marshall’s gave me some new yoga pants, kind of needed as most of mine don’t stay up well since I’ve lost weight.

Honestly, this is most likely the hardest time of year to try and do this. With Christmas coming up I’ve been doing a lot of gift purchasing, although now I’m almost done. I think I’m going to re-evaluate this fast after Christmas and see if I can put a lot more effort into it once gift season is over. Overall I’m not doing too bad for myself, which is mentally helpful. Then again I did blow through about $350 buying supplies and retail for the shop today, so I’m feeling a little guilty. But hey, can’t wash dogs without shampoo, right?

Even so, it’s been helpful to ask myself “Do I actually NEED this? Can I do without it? Can it wait until after the new year?” I’ve also seen some interesting things, mostly Christmas decor that I would buy but it’s been pricey. The thought helping me there is “Will I still want this tomorrow or do I only want it because it’s in front of me?” I haven’t gone back to the store and bought anything yet, so I’d say that I don’t actually really want those things. Giving myself time to decide to buy something usually makes me forget about it. I usually find that if I’m thinking about something I saw for a few days then maybe I do want it and will usually go back for it. Very rarely do I go back for things though, which helps a lot.

After reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and currently going through “Eat Pray Love”, I still have an impending feeling of stuff suffocation. We have a pretty big house, and while there is relatively little actual clutter, I still sense chaos in several areas of the house. Not really a New Year’s resolution, but I do want to take a closer look at everything when I have some free time in January and evaluate the state it’s in. Really, I need to evaluate the state I’m in. Maybe my mind feels cluttered. Maybe my ego is shuffling things around and feeling unstable and chaotic. I hope that fiscal fasting can cooperate with a restructuring of my needs and help me pursue a more streamlined life.

So much to think about, so much to meditate on.

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