My Fiscal Fast weeks 3-4

Christmas is creeping up on us, and my fiscal fast is actually doing alright. Gift buying is almost done, and besides the two new tires I just had put on the car, finances are looking good. I have two new avenues I want to take a look at as my fast becomes more than just watching my daily spending habits. First, food waste is a huge problem in this country and in my house. We throw away enough food in America to feed hundreds of thousands of people every year, and I bet if I took a closer look at my household waste it would be scary. Because this is a large topic, I’m going to write a whole post about it. Coming soon! Secondly, I have a lot of stockpiled stuff. From clothing to cold meds, we have so many half used things. Often we will have a box of something and not even know it so we go out and get another new box. Before you know it you’ve got 5 half opened boxes of spaghetti or nasal decongestant.

I’m finding that as I get older and as my living space increases I don’t want the clutter taking over. I like clean and organized. Having a minor pharmacy in my bathroom cabinet i cause for concern, not just in terms of space and clutter, but safety and money wise as well. This week I plan to go through the many cabinet and closets around the house and take an inventory of what we have. Are there several opened boxes of Advil? Any expired cold medicine? How many bottles of half used lotion are under my sink? Can I combine those small bottles of hotel shampoo and finally get them used up? Removing the non-food hoarding clutter will save me short term money and help clean out and organize our storage spaces. Once those items have been used up I can roll those needs into my daily fiscal shopping habits. Use one bottle before buying another. Have one spare, not 10.

For my fiscal fast, I wanted to save money. There are so many ways you can do this in your everyday doings, it’s almost daunting. Turning down the furnace, growing your own veggies, rewearing clothes if they aren’t dirty, the list could be enormous. My end goal is to have a cleaner house and a cleaner footprint in life. So often we work hard to get money, then give that money away for things we often don’t need. How many pairs of shoes do I really need or even wear? It’s be shocking and kind of shaming to see how much I have that I don’t currently use or need. Are these things I’ve collected making my life any happier? Well they sure aren’t making me any richer. I can’t trade in t-shirts for a plane ticket, which is really what I want to be doing instead. Fiscal fasting for me is all about weighing my options. I could buy this or save for that. These last few weeks have actually been quite interesting in terms of looking at my habits and my wants/ needs. Scary how many of our wants and needs are not in alignment, and neither are our short/long term wants.

Enough writing for today- time to go see how many bars of soap I can conjure up from the bathroom.

PS- the featured picture is how many bottles of lotion I had stashed in both upstairs bathrooms. Seriously ashamed right now.

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