Passport Renewal

Marcus and I both needed to get new passports given that we plan to do some travelling soon. His was expired and mine needs a name change. We are sending them in pretty early, 8 months actually, but better safe than sorry in case of another government shut down.

Sendind them off!

Sending in the old ones!

I got my paper form directly from the post office. Marcus filled out an online application from, which he will then print off and mail in. On the site you can get information on everything regarding international travel including if you need a visa, how to take passport photos, and even how to notify the US Embassy of your travels. It’s a tool we have referenced several times in our trip planning process.

Sending in our passports is kind of a big deal for me! We have been to the Caribbean on a cruise, but otherwise, we are sending in completely stamp-free books. Never again.

In 10 years time, we hope to have filled our new books as much as we can; that’s one of my travel goals. First stop, ITALY!! We will be heading out 9/24/14 for two weeks abroad, visiting Rome, Florence, Venice and possibly a few other destinations. We are so excited to finally be starting our planning for a life of exploration.

Happy 2014!

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