Pinterest Win: Hand Pies and Donut Muffins

We have guests over every other Tuesday night, and like any good host, we always subject them to new recipes. Sometimes they are weird or lackluster but for the most part things tend to turn out alright. Having the huge kitchen in our new house has proven to be great. Marcus and I both love spending time in it. In true Tuesday night fashion, I perused Pinterest and found some new ideas to try. The main meal was Hand Pies followed by Baked Mini Donut Muffins. So how did they turn out, and are they worth replicating?

2015-09-08 19.12.57Let’s begin with the main meal, the Hand Pies. The original recipe called for using ham, broccoli and a cheese spread but Marcus prefers using as many from scratch ingredients as possible and I don’t like ham. This meant doing some minor substitutions. We ended up choosing chicken, broccoli, sharp cheddar and provolone. The pastry was store bought; neither of us have time to make puff pastry. As a general base recipe this was good. The final meal was somewhat bland and we need to figure out the proportions of filling better. Ours turned out similar to the ones photographed in the original blog recipe, except for much more puffing of the puff pastry. I think we would try this again and use more flavorful creamy cheese, like brie perhaps. We also would have liked if they had more of a sauce, either in the pastry or something on top as they were somewhat dry, especially the corners.

If you’d like to give this one a try yourself, the original recipe can be found on Stone Gable Blog. We hope to make these again and try freezing some of them for meals later. Always looking for more lunch options. If you come up with a delicious filling concoction please share!


2015-09-07 14.08.15-1Now let’s get to those Donut Muffins! Oh yes, these are yummy and you probably should make a list of who you’re going to share them with before you even turn on the mixer. Soft and delicate like a muffin but not so heavy and dense like a donut hole, covered in cinnamon sugar. I even went a step further and served them with vanilla bean ice cream, which I highly recommend. I did not make any recipe substitutions to this batch and really don’t know what else I would add to them.

I do suggest making these and eating them right away as they can get dry since they don’t have muffin cups. If you don’t top them with cinnamon sugar right away you could make ahead and then top right before serving so the sugar doesn’t get too wet.

These muffins were perfect and this is a recipe I’m going to file for later use. If you have a stand mixer the batter whips up in minutes and at 10 minutes for cooking, it’s very easy to get these together. Plus they make your house smell like fall, so that’s usually a good enough reason for me! If you’d like to try these (you won’t regret it) the recipe can be found on Averie Cooks.


2015-09-07 13.48.11-1Beyond Tuesday night dinner, I also did an experiment in preserving this week. We have access to several very large cherry tomato plants which are currently producing an enormous amount of fruits. I picked a gallon bucket the other day and decided I wanted to try roasting some of them for use this winter in cooking. Specifically I’d like to make a roasted tomato alfredo sauce with noodles. I searched¬†pinterest for some info, although this time it was not so helpful. Apparently everyone has their own ideas about temperature, time and seasonings on their roasted tomatoes.

I decided to season with a basic EVOO, fresh ground black pepper and garlic powder. I first put parchment paper down in a cookie sheet with sides. Washed the tomatoes and then halved them. I lightly squeezed some of the seeds out of each half before putting them cut side up in the pan. I was able to cut up about half the bucket and fit them all on my sheet this way, really scrunching them together. I’m really glad I took the step to de-seed as that helped dry them faster and cut down on how much mass there was in the final product. I chose to set the oven for 350 and started with 30 minutes. I added on another 15 and then moved them up to the broiler for another 10. For about an hour of oven time, they turned out quite well. The broiler was to add a little crispness to the edges and firm them up a touch. In the end I got a little over 2 cups of roasted tomatoes. These should keep in the freezer for two months before the frost gets to them since we no longer have the deep freeze. I plan to do several more batches as the tomatoes keep rolling in and Marcus’ dad has requested that I prep some for him, too.



In case you missed them, today’s recipes can be found here:

Puff Pastry Hand Pies- Stone Gable

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