Taking the next step-

2015-08-05 18.41.58I’ve updated the ‘About Us’ page to reflect the changes going on here, but figured a little intro post might be worthwhile too. We don’t travel enough to dedicate a blog to just that part of our lives, so why not do a blog on our whole lives? I enjoy writing, it gives me an outlet to just say what I’m feeling and maybe someone sees it and maybe it gets lost in the interwebs, but either way I’ve shared a piece of myself. I do things everyday that I feel like sharing. Maybe it’s a desire for approval or some camaraderie, but either way it feels good to share something fun and happy with others. So that’s what this blog is now- my life, Marcus’ life, our life.

We are in a subset of people called DINKS. Double income, no kids. We aren’t rich by any means, but we do have a lot of freedoms that having a family can take away from most people. We know by our small group of friends that there are more of us out there. There are others who don’t feel like having kids is right for them, and this blog is for sharing that lifestyle. Everyone has the right and freedom to make their own path, and this is ours. Me, Marcus, the cats and Ella, in our own little family. I’ll share recipes, Pinterest funsies, travel, investing and money…if we partake, you might see it here.


Tomorrow starts the new style- cooking with Pinterest! Until then!


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