Travel Planning: An Overview

Marcus and I on our first vacation!

Marcus and I on our first vacation!

Experiencing new places is a highlight in life for me that will never get old. While the trip itself is beyond amazing, there is another part to travel that I truly enjoy: the planning. I love the puzzle that travel presents, be it finding the perfect affordable accommodations, scoring a super deal on a cruise, reading all about the place we are going to see…it’s all part of my incredible travel journey.

I tend to begin planning our trips as soon as the idea pops into my head. Marcus finds it a bit excessive, but I find it almost necessary. Planning is essential to me. I’ve spoken to a few family members who want to travel as well, but they often find that their dream trips just never materialize because they either don’t know where to start or they feel overwhelmed by trying to find the perfect everything to make their trip the best.

I’ve decided to put together an all-inclusive series encompassing all of the elements that I look at while piecing together my puzzles. I will delve into my thought processes, and give my tips and tricks for getting everything to come together cohesively to build the perfect vacation. Everything from lodging, budgeting, airfare and to-do’s will be taken on one at a time to help anyone struggling with how to get started.

I will be focusing on the following topics and how I plan for each:7027602839_74d8620f35_n

  • When To Go
  • What To Do
  • Getting There
  • Accommodations
  • The Budget
  • Helpful Websites

Your travel should be filled with laughter and memories, love and perfect sunsets. To truly get yourself into the vacation frame of mind, a plan needs to be established. Follow my upcoming series to answer all of those nagging how-to’s of travel and get ready to plan your trip, with me as your guide!

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