What I’m Reading: The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

Marie Kondo’s book has been following me around for about a month now. I saw it at Barnes and Noble, it came up as recommended by Amazon and a blogger I like raved about it. When something brings itself into my life I usually take the hint and follow it.

Tidying up. Seems pretty simple, yet I always kind of feel that my space is perpetually disheveled. This book could either help me clean up my life or it would contribute the the clutter.

There are some novel concepts presented but overall I guess by using the author’s explanations, I’m actually already a pretty tidy person. I did learn one major thing from this book and for that I will call this a win.

“Does this item bring me joy?” As it turns out I have a lot of items that simply don’t bring joy. Admittedly I also have things that not only don’t bring joy, but they bring negativity. Things that came from someplace or someone I don’t have good associations with or things that are reminders of a negative moment. So why have I been keeping these things for so long and stashing them in closets and corners? Mostly because I have a discarding problem when it comes to useful or expensive things. If I paid good money for something or someone else did, I just can’t “waste” that item even if not wasting it means it lives unseen in a closet for 10 years.

I’ve known that I have this peculiar problem for a while now. We have moved many times in the past decade and I’ve been forced to see things over and over as I’m packing, only to bring them along and grudgingly stuff them into a new corner. I don’t want them but I feel I have to keep them. Why? Guilt. Have you ever gotten something and you think, ” I have to keep this just in case they ask about it in 20 years and then I can say oh yes I have it right here!” Lies.

Most of the items I have strewn about the house that I can’t get rid of carry this kind of baggage. The magic of tidying up gave me an explanation of the problem with this type of ill logic. It’s poisonous, really. Negativity and weight are surrounding these things and keeping my home from feeling as clear and clean as it should. They are also keeping me from being as clear and clean as I should be.

This weekend I started thinking of very specific items that fit this bill. For the most part I am the picture of minimalist organization and I don’t hold onto much, but I think it’s time to come to terms with some items in the house and finally let them go.

I’d really recommend this book if you have a need to purge your life of excess stuff. The methods are sound and logical. The end of the book does get a bit weird but overall I found it all very insightful. After all, do we all really need to be surrounded by so much stuff anyway? I know I sure don’t.

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